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Welcome to Miles the Trip Planner. MTTA is the public transit authority for the city of Tulsa with service also in Broken Arrow, Jenks and Sand Springs. Please be aware that the Miles the Trip Planner will only create itineraries for fixed-route bus service for locations within the MTTA service area. View MTTA System Map for more information regarding MTTA service area. MTTA Route 601 and The Lift service is not available through Miles the Trip Planner. Please see for more information about these services.

Using Help is easy. Select from the menu on the left for detailed instructions on using each feature.

Trip Plan, Schedules, Find Locations and Next Bus may contain terminology, references or phrases that may not be familiar. A Reference Guide is available for these instances to help you better understand the results obtained through these features.

If you find you are still having problems and the Help Files do not assist you, please contact MTTA Call Center at 918-582-2100 the call center hours are Monday- Friday 4:30am to 9:00 pm and on Saturday 5:00am to 9:00pm. to speak with a Customer Service Representative. Send your comments and suggestions about the Miles the Trip Planner to

Reference Guide
Bus Stop locations:
NS = NEAR-SIDE (before intersection)
FS = FAR-SIDE (after intersection)
MB = MID-BLOCK (before intersection)

Stop location in relation to the intersection in the direction of travel.
Direction abbreviations:
N (northbound)
S (southbound)
E (eastbound)
W (westbound)
TD = to downtown
FD= From downtown
TM= To Midtown
FM= From Midtown
Cl = Clockwise
CC= Counterclock
Stay In Seat Transfers:
Some bus trips may require a brief "Stay In Seat" stopover that will include This trip has 1 stay in seat transfer in your itinerary detail. Although the Step By Step detail will include a transfer point, you are not required to get off the bus. However, if you reach the end of the line you will be required to pay another fare. Rather, the bus will continue in the opposite direction and deliver you to your next transfer point or final destination. There may be a brief period of layover depending on the schedule.