Miles Trip Plan Results

The search criteria you specify when requesting a trip plan is listed at the top of the page. This includes:

  • Origin - Where you are leaving from
  • Destination - Where you are going to
  • Requested for - Date and Time you are planning your trip for
  • Valid for - Weekday, Saturday service; and the time period for which Trips and Schedules are currently available

Please note: trip plan results may vary with each scheduled service change. Weekday and weekend service levels may be different.

Select to view Trip plan Detail

Next, a list of itinerary options is sorted and displayed according to the selection specified (Number of Transfers, Trip Duration or Walking Distance). These options were selected in the Options drop-down menu in Step 4 select options.

For more information on each option presented, click on Details located beside each itinerary option. (Itinerary Detail Information)

To plan a return trip, click on Return Trip. This will reverse your Origin and Destination on a new Trip Planning form. Enter or select a date and time for your return trip and click “Get Trip Plan”.

Itinerary Details

Itinerary Detail Sumarizes each of the itinerary options.

The information displays details of your trip including the routes, stops, departure and arrival times for each leg of your trip. A map displays the origin and destination including the path you will travel to your final destination.

Print this page and take with you to help your remember your trip plan, route numbers and transfer points.