Getting Next Bus Information

Finding your Next Bus information requires your location. This can be found by typing in your main intersection or by choosing form select from popular locations. This will allow you to find the closest stop.

Then choose from the list of stops and timing points then click “Next bus”.

Note: The default time and day are already set and the results will display times for ALL routes at your stop from now until the end of service. You can change the time and date if necessary. Enter the ‘Date’ as directed (MM-DD-YYYY), or select a ‘Date” using the Calendar.

If you know the specific route you'd like Next Bus information on, you can use the "Optional - route specific search." Enter the route number in the field provided or choos from of the drop-down menus. The results will display times at your stop for this route ONLY, from the time submitted to the end of service on that day.

Note: To remove a route that has been selected, choose another route from the drop-down menus, or click on the "Clear" button located directly beside the confirmation field.