Check Schedules

Schedule information is available for:

  • Fixed Route
  • Express Routes
  • Nightline

Note: At this time supplementary data for each route is not available. Therefore, we have indexed this information separately. When looking up your schedule, please review our Rider Alerts for detours that may be in effect.

Schedule information is not available for MTTA route 601 service and The Lift services. Please see for more information about these services.

To look up a schedule:

  • Enter your Route # or select a route from the drop-down menus provided. If you don’t know your route # enter an address or, intersection or landmark to help you decide which route you will need.
  • Click Get schedule
  • Select the Direction.
  • Enter the Date as directed (MM-DD-YYYY), or select a Date using the Calendar.
  • Enter the Time Range and select am or pm.

    Note: if you do not specify am or pm you may get a schedule for the wrong time of the day

  • Click Next.
  • Choose Timing Points Only or All Stops and click Get Schedule.
  • Customize your schedule. Select one or more stops from the list of stops provided and click Get Schedule.

    Note: Keep in mind that stops displayed in bold are precise timing points, while all other stops are estimated times.